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Our manufacturing and technical expertise is exceptional meeting both local and international standards, solving our customers' problems with a wide range of materials. By providing an extensive range of products we can satisfy many types of complex needs easily and efficiently.

Consistent supply and control is ensured through total control from concept to completion, a discipline that has helped secure long-term customer relationships and partnerships.

We specialise in the following manufacturing areas:

  • Impregnation – highly tuned formulations to impart specific characteristics
  • Lamination – materials, films, fabrics from breathable membranes to reinforced aluminium foil
  • Water Jet Cutting – state of the art technology, giving key benefits
  • Contour Cutting – horizontal and vertical CNC controlled machinery to ensure accurate 3D parts
  • Profiling – egg box profiling, produces high surface area components
  • Block Cutting – horizontal splitting and vertical band cutting using  automated CNC controlled machinery
  • Die Cutting – press shapes using CNC controlled machinery & manually operated die pressing
  • Surface Coating – spray polymer based coatings applied to foam sheets and cut parts


As a manufacturer we also offer a range of in-house testing. Details of onsite internal testing facilities:-

Physical testing:
Apparent Density, Tensile Strength and Elongation at Break, heat and humidity ageing and testing the effect on property, Compression set, CLD hardness, indentation hardness, pounding classification, rebound resilience, air permeability, Thermal conductivity, Surface resistivity, Volume resistivity, Microwave absorption (NRL arch technique), Dynamic Tensile Adhesion, Loop tack.

Flammability testing
BS5852 crib 5, BS7176 Crib 7, BS7175 Crib 7, BS7177 Crib 7, FTS15 'igloo test', FMVSS302, Limiting oxygen index, UL94 Horizontal and Vertical.

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